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Bonus xp treasure hunter

bonus xp treasure hunter

Heist Main article: Heist Heist is a minigame that can award bonus experience to a choice of Hunter or Thieving.
An example of the bonus experience displayed when hovering over the Agility skill icon.
The pearl awards bonus experience in a skill of the player's choice.3.Every 10 litter bombs boost the experience gained by 2 more, with a cape of 10 extra experience.The prized pendants alga spel bingo provide more experience than regular pendants and as such, are rarer prizes.While training, experience gains are displayed as the total experience gained followed by the portion that was bonus experience shown in parentheses.Contents show, redeeming bonus XP as a free player.This amount is the bonus experience, not total experience.Treevolution update where a large number of items became almost completely cosmetic and the bonus experience from wearing them became transferable to just training.Stars come in two variants: prismatic and skill.It may be converted to 1,000 experience in either Constitution, Attack, or Defence.As a newly added rewards, the RuneScape glitter bomb will certainly be a big source of fun in the new Treasure Hunter promotion on Apr.The maximum amount of bonus experience a player can stockpile in one skill is 100,000,000.There are some other items that also grant experience immediately that you can get from Treasure Hunter, but are only found during special time frames.It may be earned through various methods, even by free players.When you open the TH chest that contains a glitter bomb, you can crack the glitter bomb and enjoy a certain amount of bonus XP added into the skill you choose, and a small amount of bonus XP to all other skills.As is revealed by the official team, the glitter bombs function similarly to the Celebration Lamps you used to enjoy in previous TH promo.
They may be redeemed for a certain amount of experience, depending on the player's skill level and the size of the fallen star.
Recharge gems There are two types of recharge gem: small and large, with the latter providing more experience than the former.

Battle of Lumbridge votes Main article: Battle of Lumbridge/The Duke's Dilemma Players who participated in the Battle of Lumbridge world event were able to speak to Duke Horacio and vote on a certain situation.Prismatic stars are usable on any skill; skill stars are locked to a specific skill.Crystal amulet Main article: Crystal amulet From 28 May to 22 September 2014, the crystal amulet could be rubbed once a day to gain either a prismatic crystal (if the player did not meet the requirements for Plague's End ) or 3 prismatic crystal fragments.The volatile tool provides 29,340 bonus experience in a random skill of those listed.Goblin cower shield Main article: Goblin cower shield The goblin cower shield is randomly dropped by Goblin bosses that spawn after killing 15 goblins in Goblin Village.Clan Citadels Main article: Clan Citadel Reaching around 500 combined actions at the skilling plots in the player's clan's citadel (roughly one third to one half of the resource cap the player can claim bonus experience from the Quartermaster.4, and it will remain so until the TH promotion ends at 23:59 on Apr.Gofannon amulet Main article: Gofannon amulet The Gofannon amulet is obtained during the quest What's Mine is Yours.Repeatable sources Stealing Creation Main articles: Stealing Creation, Proto-tool, Volatile clay tool, and Sacred clay equipment There are two dynamic tools that may be purchased from the rewards mystic: the Proto-tool and the Volatile clay tool.These stars are earned typically from Treasure Hunter, or special events.
Details about the glitter bombs from TH promo.

This article is about the specific mechanic.
Bonus experience is a mechanic which grants players double experience when training a skill.
If players have 10,000 bonus experience remaining, they would have 0 after 20,000 total experience gained 10,000 experience plus 10,000 bonus.