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Special authorisation can be requested for the construction of temporary housing during the installation period or the clearing of new lots as long as the temporary housing is not occupied longer than three years and that it conforms to general standards of sanitation, hygiene and.
Flat allowance for mission and travel expenses.Statistics Reports, we provide the most comprehensive streaming radio statistics system commercially available today.Article 380 Anyone who undermines or attempts to undermine the free designation of a union steward or the independent or regular performance in his mandate, or who violates the provisions of Article 282 regarding the dismissal from work, reassignment, transfer of union stewards or former.Section 4: Payment of Tax Article 70: The Monthly Filing of the Value Added Tax Declaration The value added tax declaration for any month shall be submitted to the tax administration on or before the 20th day of the following month and the tax shall.Latrines Article 214 In each community of workers, the number of latrines must equal at least one-quarter of the number of houses.Section II declaration ON movement OF personnel Article 21 Every employer must make the declaration to the Ministry in charge of Labour each time when hiring or dismissing a worker.If payday falls on such a day-off, the payment of wages shall be made a day earlier.Health records of the workers collected by medical personnel are confidential, and the information contained in the records cannot be given to the employer, to a union, or to any third party in a manner that could identify the employee.Article 246 The Ministry in charge of Labour and the Ministry of Health shall issue a joint Prakas to determine: a) the organisation and operation of the labour health services; b) the maximum time that the labour physician must devote to personnel. A labour contract signed with one consent for a specific duration must contain a precise finishing date.Primary financial services which shall be determined by prakas of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.Chapter IX work-related accidents Article 248 An accident is considered to be work related, regardless of the cause, if it happens to a worker working or during the working hours, whether or not the worker was at fault; it is the accident inflicted on the.Article 41 Any enterprises that wish to make the payroll ledger in a different way but contains the same type of information and the same method of review, may apply to the Labour Inspectorate. Contracts without a precise date can be renewed at will as many times as possible without losing their validity.Section 3: Tax Rate and the Calculation of Tax Article 64 : Tax Rate The tax rate shall be as follows:. .
salary received from Cambodian sources;. .

A union organisation cannot nominate more candidates than the seats available for the prospective shop stewards to fill, and if necessary, this must apply to each electoral body.In this case, he is relieved of the obligation to provide proof of damage incurred.Article 269 The members responsible for the administration and management of a professional organization shall meet the following requirements: 1) be at least 25 years of age; 2) be able to read and write Khmer; 3) not have been convicted of any crime; 4) have.having common management or directors with the person;. .When the supporting documents are not available or these documents are not sufficient, the recognition of representativeness can be rejected or suspended until the necessary information is obtained.Article 197 If hours worked are more than eight hours of work per day, the extra hours are paid at the overtime rate. .Article 216 Dead animals must be buried far from water sources, wells, cisterns, and inhabited areas.All tangible property shall be divided into four categories.
The workers who are members of the Labour Advisory Committee are subject to the same protection granted by this law to union stewards and union leaders.
Article 295 In the case of serious misconduct, the manager of enterprise can render the decision to instantly suspend the party in question pending the Labour Inspectors decision.

Article 47 The labour contractor is required to observe the provisions of this law in the same manner as an ordinary employer and assumes the same responsibilities as the latter.
Article 272 All members of trade union can participate in the management and administration of the union if they meet the requirement laid in Article 269 and 270 above.
As for the salary received by a non-resident for furnishing technical assistance it shall be treated as from sources in the country where the payor of such income resides.