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Again in most situations, youre not gonna have an SPR thats so small that youre automatically committed unless again, youre in a three bet, four bet, five bet pots where typically youre gonna find that smaller SPR.
When were in 3 and 4Bet pots, were typically going to be somewhere between 3 to 5 SPR online, so its super important that you know how empire casino icon bar to handle these situations, what goes into it, how to view them, how committed or not committed you.
SPR is a preflop/flop metric : Please remember this.
Well, you need to know this stuff, this needs to be like on the back of your hand.Zac: Ive been studying SPR a lot recently and I tried to pick one area of it to focus on, and as you just said that reaching that two SPR seems to be a key part of this whole idea is you always want.One in this situation, if we were to just open ship after MP checks the flop, wed be shoving 400 into 200.Weve got MP is ripping it in for 300 more for us to call and the pot is going to be what here we made it- James: Just break it down, well break it down simply.Well, lets see here.There are two limpers, one for five, limp for five.
This makes playing top pair hands like this tricky if the SPR is mid-sized or high.
Its still so very complex though because every decision you make reverberates through the entire hand, and I guess its fun to game these things through and think about the different considerations, but it does seem to all start with hand reading and then youre.

Sure, our opponent could still hold a better hand but the risk here is much lower.Essentially what it is, is it guides you on how committed or non committed you are to a pot.If we checked and he shoved the turn, we would call.It helps us gauge how committed we are to a pot on the flop, which can help us create both preflop and postflop lines.I) High SPR situation.Hero decides to 3Bet, which Im very happy about.
James: Yeah, I mean small SPR pots, lets just be honest, theyre very, very mathematical, theyre very, very technical.
Let's say you raise to 6 in MP before the flop in a 1/2 NL cash game.